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Farage warns 'Brexit betrayal' would plunge UK into crisis

 EU, Feb 12:-- Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage has warned that if UK Prime Minister Theresa May allows Brexit to be halted by supporters of European Union membership, Britain will be thrust into its gravest "constitutional crisis" since World War ll.


Farage, 53, who as UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader convinced May’s predecessor, David Cameron, to call the Brexit referendum and then helped lead the campaign to leave the EU, said Brexit was now in danger of being scuttled by the establishment.


Farage cast May, who voted to stay in the EU, as “Theresa the appeaser” for giving in to EU demands on almost every element of Brexit negotiations and said London was being humiliated by Brussels.


“The best-case scenario right now under our current pathetic leadership is Brexit in name only - that is about as good as it gets,” Farage told Reuters in his office a few metres from Westminster Abbey.


“At worst they are going to make us fight the whole thing again,” said Farage. “That is a significant betrayal of what many millions voted for.”


In Britain’s 2016 EU referendum, 52 percent, or 17.4 million people, voted to leave the EU while 48 percent, or 16.1 million, voted to stay.




 Farage was ridiculed by Cameron as the leader of a bunch of “fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists.”


A supporter of US President Donald Trump, Farage revels in the role he played in what he calls the “Brexit revolution.”


He rejected worries from major banks such as Goldman Sachs that London could lose business as a result of Brexit and cast the EU as a doomed German-dominated experiment in European integration.


Since the referendum, supporters of EU membership have been exploring a range of legal and political methods to prevent what they see as a colossal historical mistake.


Opponents of Brexit are trying to garner enough support in the lower house of parliament, the House of Commons, to block any possible withdrawal deal May brings back from Brussels in October.


European Council President Donald Tusk and French President Emmanuel Macron have raised the prospect of Britain changing its mind on Brexit.


Among those who have called for Brexit to be halted are former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Goldman Sachs Group Inc Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein.

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