Sunday 18th of February 2018

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Germany to Spend $465Mln on New Spy Satellites

Berlin,Nov 18:-- Airbus and OHB have submitted bids for the construction of satellites for the German Federal Intelligence Service's new satellite program.


The German parliament's Budget Committee gave the green light to construct up to three new spy satellites for the country's Federal Intelligence Service (BND), which will cost some 400 million euros ($465 million), local media reported Saturday.


According to the RND publishing group, Airbus and OHB, which both have aerospace divisions, have submitted bids for the construction of satellites for the BND's new satellite program, dubbed George.


Using the new satellites, the BND will be able to "quickly and independently provide information in order to be capable of making as independent and up-to-date assessments as possible," the RND said, quoting a document obtained from the German chancellery.


According to the document, quoted by the media, it is "no longer enough" to use images purchased on the commercial market or requested from the country's international partners.


"Political leadership expects immediately available and valid information," the document, obtained by the RND, said.


The BND currently uses data of the country's armed forces, the Bundeswehr, which has its own network of satellites.

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