Thursday 18th of January 2018

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Jagmeet Singh becomes Canada's NDP leader for federal election 2019

Ottawa Oct 3:-- Sikh politician in Canada, Jagmeet Singh, has been chosen as the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) for the federal election which will be held in 2019, media reports said.


Singh (38) will be the first ethnic minority to become the leader of the NDP in the upcoming federal election of Canada.


He has been chosen as the leader of the NDP by a margin of 53.6% in a ballot-voting.


Singh was quoted by BBC as saying: "This race has renewed excitement in our party."




He has termed the win as "incredibly profound honour".


The NDP, a left-centric party, secured 44 out of 338 seats in the last federal election in 2015. The NDP came third in the previous election.


Singh, who was a criminal defence lawyer, will take on prime minister Justin Trudeau in the federal election 2019.

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