Thursday 18th of January 2018

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Left alliance leading in parliament, provincial elections in Nepal

 Kathmandu:In Nepal left alliance is leading in parliament and provincial elections. Out of 17 results declared so far alliance has won 14 seats of House of Representative and leading in 77 constituencies. Ruling nepali Congress got just 2 seats.


Communist Party of Nepal (UML) has won 11 seats of house of representatives and leading in 51.


Another partner of left alliance Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) got 3 and ahead 26.


Rulling Nepali Congress able to get just 2 seats and leading in 20 places. Two major parties of Madhes Sanghiya Samajwadi Forum Nepal is ahead in 8 and Rashtriya Janta Party Nepal leading in 7 places. 

 In provincial assemblies left alliance has won 25 seats and leading in 75.


Nepali Congress got 3 and ahead in 15 places. Others have won 3 and leading 8 constituencies.


The historic elections for 165 constituencies of House of Representative and 330 seats of seven provincial assemblies were held in two phases on November 26 and December 7.

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