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Screening for diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer & Tuberculosis

 Gurugram,Nov 14,(Fast Mail):-- In a bid to bridge the gap in accessing basic healthcare, Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister, Haryana flagged off DLF Foundation’s first- of- its kind Mobile Wellness Unit (MWU) in Gurugram which is run and managed by HLFPPT. Among those present on the occasion were District Commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh and Divisional Commissioner Mr. D. Suresh.


Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar while appreciating the initiative said: “We need more such mobile units in rural Haryana.” He even took a round of the mobile unit and lauded the facilities provided by it.


The DLF Mobile Wellness Unit is based out of a bus which has been completely remodeled to cater for Medical examination and testing. The aim of the DLF Mobile Wellness Unit( MWU)  is to provide to the people of Gurugram diagnostic healthcare services for testing of  Diabetes and Cancer (Cervical, Breast, Prostate) to ensure early screening and detection of these life-threatening diseases which seem to have gripped the nation. The DLF Mobile Wellness Unit will serve the community in Gurugram through Service Delivery Points across numerous locations.


The Mobile Diagnostic Unit is equipped with an array of diagnostic facilities for conducting various pathological tests. It will be manned by a team of doctors including a gynecologist, pathologist, and lab technicians.

 “We, at DLF Foundation have always endeavored at the holistic well-being of all especially the marginalized and deprived section of society. The Mobile Diagnostic Unit is an attempt to take basic healthcare facilities to people. It will go a long way in meeting the primary healthcare needs and improving the health status of people in Gurugram,” said Dr. Vinay Sahni, CEO, DLF Foundation. 


Speaking about the Project , Ms Gayatri Paul, Director-Programmes, DLF Foundation explained that “The Mobile Diagnostic Unit is equipped with all testing equipment for basic screening of Diabetes and Cancer (Prostate, Breast and Cervical) which we feel will go a long way in early detection of these diseases enabling people to take immediate curative action and reducing mortality .”


According to a report of Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), the highest numbers of cancer cases are recorded from Haryana followed by Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Healthcare has emerged as a major concern in India with over a staggering 70% of the population having no or limited access to it. Additionally, wide gaps between the rural and urban population in the healthcare system exacerbate the problem.

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