Tuesday 20th of February 2018

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Trump a top concern for Germans: Poll

Berlin,Dec 5:-- German people find US President Donald Trump a bigger challenge to Germany than all but one other problem faced by Germany, a poll finds out.


The results of a survey carried out by the Koerber Foundation in October and published by Reuters on Tuesday cited relations with Trump and the United States as the second major challenge in foreign policy after refugees, which topped the list of Germans’ concerns.


The survey showed that 26 percent of respondents were concerned about Germany’s ability to cope with the issue of asylum seekers.


Nineteen percent were worried about relations with Trump and the US, 17 percent about relations with Turkey, 10 percent about North Korea, and only eight percent about Russia.


The poll, which was conducted on more than 1,000 German adults, showed 56 percent of Germans conceived the relationship with the US as bad or very bad.


Since entering the White House in January, Trump has unsettled Germans by criticizing Germany’s trade surplus and its contributions to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


Trump has also irritated Germany with his decision to pull out of the globally-approved Paris climate accord and his refusal to certify — under a domestic US law — Iran’s commitment to an international agreement.


Germany is a party to that deal, and Iran’s compliance has been verified by the official institution in charge of verification, namely the International Atomic Energy Agency.


Anticipating Trump’s irregular behavior, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said soon after his rise to the US presidency that there were no guarantees for “eternal” US cooperation with the European countries.

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