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Way to the Golden Sun: About youth power and dreams

NewDelhi,Oct 19 :-- “Way To The Golden Sun”, a recently released novel by Nayantee Baroowa, is a story that speaks about the power of youth and the power of dreams.


A little too idealistic and fantastical in approach, this novel makes for a nice and interesting read.


The story is about a young boy, Abhay, who hails from a middle-class business family.


Abhay’s father is an orthodox man who wants his son to join the family business when time comes.


But Abhay has stars in his eyes. He wants to spread his wings and fly and his sleepy town is not where his heart is.


Abhay has his heart set on Delhi—the city where dreams become reality.


But Abhay’s father would not listen to his son so easily.


It is an uphill task for Abhay to convince his father. But convince he does and from there starts his journey.


In exchange for his permission, Abhay promises his father that he will become an IAS officer some day.


And Abhay takes that promise to heart.


The story follows Abhay’s journey as he settles in Delhi and adjusts to his new home.


A small town guy who is averse to drinking, who is reserved with girls learns to open up and make new friends. And it is through these new friends of his that he finds his true calling in life.


One of his best friends gives him the zeal to do something for the society and young Abhay gathers his friends and sets out on a mission to reform and help the society in his own way.


 On one hand, Abhay and his friends study hard for their professional goals and on the other hand, they put in all their efforts for the NGO they start with the help of the PM of India.


The rest of the story follows the journey of these young boys and girls. And it shows that having the right dreams and the right friends can shape one’s life.


Having a vision in life is very important for success and when we have a dream it is our responsibility not to get deterred by the hardships that lie along the way.


Abhay gives out this message loud and clear to the readers.


The plot in this novel is a little too straight-forward but the story has a lot of heart in it and that is the most redeeming factor for this new novel.


There are brave youngsters like Abhay and his friends in our country who want to make our nation a better place. But these youngsters face a lot of challenges from all quarters—be it administrative or be it the society.


This novel speaks about young men and women like these who are harbingers of change. Since a lot has been happening in our country because of such rebellious youngsters lately, a story based on a similar background is sure to entice the readers.


All in all, a tale worth reading and draw inspiration from.

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