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J P Nadda chairs high level review meeting on prevention and control of vector borne diseases in Delhi

New Delhi, Aug 19:-- J P Nadda, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare held a high level meeting to review the activities for prevention and control of vector borne diseases (dengue, malaria, chikungunya and swine flu) in Delhi, here on Friday.


Satyendra Jain, Health Minister, Government of Delhi, Mayors of Delhi, C K Mishra, Union Health Secretary, Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Secretary (DHR), Dr Jagdish Prasad, DGHS, Medical Supdts. of the Central Government hospitals in Delhi, senior officials from Union Health Ministry, Government of Delhi, ICMR, NCDC and NVBDCP were also present during the meeting.


Nadda stressed on the critical importance of prevention of vector-borne diseases and stated that all stakeholders including the Government of Delhi, Municipal Corporations, RWAs, NGOs and the people have an important role to play in prevention of breeding of the vectors that cause these diseases.


He stated that a strong awareness campaign is very effective for educating people to keep their home and surrounding areas free of water clogging.


He urged the Health Minister of Delhi to launch a house-to-house IEC campaign for creating widespread awareness.


The Mayors of Delhi informed that such a campaign has already started and various forms of media are being used to reach out to people.


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