Saturday 21st of October 2017

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Higher immigration to benefit Canada, study finds

Ottawa, Oct 3:-- Higher immigration in Canada would hardly affect the country adversely, rather it would benefit in some ways, according to a recent study, media reports said.


The report of the study, which was conducted by the Conference Board of Canada, released on Monday, has been quoted by the Star:"Our forecast suggests that the status quo would be best for improving real gross domestic product per capita, but would have the smallest impact on alleviating Canada’s economic and fiscal pressures."


"Immigration has a small effect on domestic workers. As such, it does not appear likely that higher levels would have an adverse impact on wages and employment rates in Canada,” it added.


The study has tried to find out the result, keeping the present immigration number of 0.82% constant and then increasing it to 1% and 1.11% of the total population.


The study has been conducted to find out the impact on certain domains, keeping the composition of the immigration fixed like 60% economic class, 28% family class and 12% refugees.


In the present scenario, the study found out, the GDP growth would rise at an average 1.85% between 2017 and 2040.


If the immigration levels were increased to 1% and 1.11% of the total population, the GDP growth would rise by 1.94% and 2.05% respectively.


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