Friday 18th of August 2017

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Venezuela: 37 people killed in prison riot in Puerto Ayacucho

Caracas,Aug 17:-- In Venezuela, at least 37 people have been killed in a prison riot in Puerto Ayacucho, the capital of Amazonas state.


Prosecutors said 14 officials were also wounded in the violence and Special interior ministry forces were sent in to regain control of the jail. Two prison-monitoring groups, A Window to Freedom and the Venezuelan Prisons Observatory, said the 37 dead were all inmates. The prison was holding 105 inmates at the time of the riot.

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Toronto police release new images of man wanted in bomb threat investigation

Toronto, Aug 16:-- The Toronto police on Tuesday released few more images of the man who is wanted in a bomb threat investigation.   The Toronto police are in search of the man who created a panic on Sunday afternoon by saying he had a bomb with him and would blow it up while travelling in a bu....

Ontario Ombudsman holds school boards responsible for bus crisis

Toronto, Aug 11 :-- Ontario Ombudsman has held Toronto public and Catholic school boards responsible for the crisis regarding the school bus, media reports said.   The Ontario Ombudsman Investigation stated the two boards were complacent in the whole matter.   They said the boards were wel....

Hazardous material leak leave 12 injured in US Port of Long Beach

Long Beach, Aug 7 :-- Hazardous material leak in the Port of Long Beach, the second busiest container port in the US, left 12 people injured, including one firefighter, media reports said on Monday.   The incident occurred on Sunday when concentrated industrial solvent began to leak from a 6,00....

Winnipeg police in search of stabber of 50-year old man

Winnipeg, Aug 7:-- Winnipeg police is searching the suspect who stabbed to death a 50 years old man in the North End on Friday afternoon.   The police reached the Redwood Avenue in the afternoon after getting a report of an injured man.   However, after reaching the spot, the police found ....

Toronto to set up safe injection sites to curb drug overdosed deaths

Toronto, Aug 2:-- Several deaths due to drug overdoses in the last week prompted Toronto to take the decision of setting up three safe injection centres with an aim to curb the loss of lives, media reports said.   In the last week, between Thursday and Sunday, twenty people were reportedly over....

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